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CY8CKIT-022 CapSense® Liquid Level Sensing Shield | 赛普拉斯半导体

CY8CKIT-022 CapSense® Liquid Level Sensing Shield

2020 年 3 月 26 日

CY3295 Kit Image

The CY8CKIT-022 CapSense® Liquid Level Sensing Shield is an Arduino-compatible evaluation platform for CapSense-based liquid level sensing solutions. The shield is designed to work with all of the Cypress® PSoC Pioneer kits.



Industy's Best CapSense Solution

The CY8CKIT-022 enables you to evaluate the liquid level sensing capabilities using Cypress's industry-leading CapSense solution. The CY8CKIT-022 features sensor patterns that support both self- and mutual-capacitive sensing methodologies.


Flexible Prototyping using Flex PCBs

The CY8CKIT-022 comes with two flex PCBs with different sensor patterns and a liquid container that allows you to quickly evaluate high-accuracy and low-pin-count liquid level sensing solutions.


Kit Contents

  • Liquid Level Sensing Arduino Shield board
  • 2x Flex Sensor PCBs
  • Liquid container

注意: The CY8CKIT-022 kit is an Arduino Shield and requires a PSoC Pioneer Kit for operation. This kit does not include the PSoC Pioneer Kit.