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CY8CKIT-030 PSoC® 3 开发套件 | 赛普拉斯半导体

CY8CKIT-030 PSoC® 3 开发套件

2019 年 7 月 16 日

Additionally, this kit supports the PSOC Expansion Board Kit ecosystem as a compatible host platform. This kit is for PSoC 3 development specifically, and the PSoC 5 version of the same kit can be purchased from

This kit is specifically designed for analog performance. The noise floor on these kits is very low. Care has been taken to separate the analog and the digital domain, separate regulators are also available. Separate ground planes are provided. We have achieved ENOB very close to 20 bits on this kit. Provision has been provided to add an external precision voltage reference if needed.

Besides the analog, this kit is also meant to demonstrate the low power operation of PSoC3/PSoC5. PSoC3 chip is soldered to the board, this way the leakage currents are reduced significantly compared to the CY8CKIT-001. Special terminals are provided to enable the boost converter operation without much modifications. Jumpers have been provided to remove power to RS232 converter, Potentiometer and to have a single regulator for Analog and digital domain and evaluate the low power operation of PSoC3.

The Kit-030 has an onboard programmer/debugger (Cypress USB chip based), which lets you program the PSoC 3 without connecting Miniprog3. This programmer debugs at a speed of 1.5mHz. The kit also allows the user to program and debug using the Miniprog3.

PSoC 3 Development Kit Image (CY8CKIT-30)

Kit Contents:
  • PSoC 3 Development Board
  • LCD Character Display
  • USB Cable
  • 快速入门指南
  • Kit CD, which includes: PSoC Creator, PSoC Programmer, Projects and Documentation

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用于 camtasia 屏幕录像

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Software Title Description Link
PSoC Creator This kit requires PSoC Creator for development
PSoC Programmer This kit requires PSoC Programmer for programming