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FM4-120L-S6E2HG FM4 S6E2H-Series Starter Kit | 赛普拉斯半导体

FM4-120L-S6E2HG FM4 S6E2H-Series Starter Kit

2019 年 7 月 11 日

CY3295 Kit Image

The FM4 S6E2H-Series Starter Kit is an extremely low-cost hardware platform to enable design and debug of the S6E2HG microcontroller.

Featuring S6E2H-Series MCU

The S6E2H-Series Starter Kit features the high performance S6E2HG MCU, an ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCU that includes digital signal processing and floating point unit hardware support, designed for motor control and home appliance applications.

The S6E2HG MCU is a member of the S6E2H-Series device family with 160MHz CPU, 512KB flash, 64KB SRAM and 100 GPIOs. The S6E2HG MCU features a variety of peripherals such as multi-function timers, programmable pulse generators, 24-channel A/D converter and communication interfaces like USB (host and device), Ethernet, CAN, DMA, LIN, CSIO (SPI), I2S, I2C and UART.

Flexible Prototyping

The S6E2H-Series Starter Kit exposes 90+ I/Os for user’s application development and features on-board interfaces such as full-speed USB, micro-SD card and form-factor compatible with SK-FM4-U-PERIPHERAL board, providing access to multiple on-board peripherals such as display, multiple serial interfaces and several auxiliary connectors.

Additionally, the kit also supports the industry standard CMSIS-DAP interface for programming and debugging of target application on the S6E2HG MCU.

Kit Contents:

  • FM4 S6E2H-Series Pioneer Board
  • USB Standard-A to Mini-B cable
  • 快速入门指南



This kit installs code examples designed for this hardware. These examples use PDL v.2.0.1 (older version). Each code example includes project files for IAR and Keil development environments. Most peripheral drivers have at least one code example, such as ADC, PWM, GPIO, UART, and so forth.

You can also use the Peripheral Driver Library (PDL) code examples. Download and install the PDL, and look in the examples folder. There are dozens of code examples available. You can retarget the examples to your hardware if necessary.