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PSoC® 5LP Development Kits | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC® 5LP Development Kits

2018 年 8 月 29 日

Cypress offers several development kits allowing you to evaluate, prototype, and debug complete designs with PSoC®. PSoC 5LP Development kits are broadly classified into two categories – Development Kits (DVKs) and Expansion Kits (EVKs).

PSoC 5LP Development Kits

                                            CY8CKIT-050 Kit Image


PSoC® 5LP Development Kit

PSoC Development Kit Image (CY8CKIT-001)


Development Kit



PSoC 5LP Prototyping Kit ($10.00)

PSoC Expansion Kits

CY8CKIT-031 - PSoC® CapSense® Expansion Board Kit

PSoC Precision Analog Temperature Sensor Expansion Kit Image

CY8CKIT-025 PSoC Precision Analog Temperature Sensor Expansion Board

CAN/LIN Expansion Kit Image (CY8CKIT-017)

CY8CKIT-017 CAN/LIN Expansion Board Kit

PSoC LCD Segment Drive Expansion Kit Image

CY8CKIT-029 PSoC® LCD Segment Drive Expansion Board Kit

PSoC Prototyping Board Image (CY8CKIT-012)

CY8CKIT-012 PSoC® Prototyping and Development Expansion Board Kit

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FreeSoC2 DVK/DVK Image

Sparkfun FreeSoC2 Development Board (new!)

IT Corp 24 Image

IT Corp 24


Powerful Board Image

Loki Board Image

Loki Board

PSoC Tools

CY8CKIT-002 PSoC® MiniProg3 编程和调试套件


MiniProg3 Program and

Debug Kit

PSoC Creator

PSoC Creator