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PSoC 5 Ecosystem | 赛普拉斯半导体

PSoC 5 Ecosystem

2018 年 3 月 06 日


Cypress recognizes the benefit of partnering with industry leaders to deliver the best usability and productivity to customers and has partnered with key industry leaders in the embedded microcontroller space to provide a new PSoC® 5 Ecosystem.

To get the best in class code size and execution speed, Cypress is partnering with Keil™ to provide Software IDE support to PSoC 5 system designers. The result is a combination of hardware and software design capabilities unmatched in the embedded industry.

PSoC 5 Ecosystem Image


Because an Arm processor was chosen for PSoC 5 devices, Cypress customers can benefit from the extensive Arm ecosystem. Third party vendors can easily port RTOS and middleware for the PSoC 5 devices.

Compiler and Debuggers

PSoC Creator™is a free IDE that enables the rapid development of customized hard and software for PSoC 5. PSoC 5 devices are powered by a Cortex-M3 core. PSoC Creator includes the GNU C/C++ compiler and GDB debugger. To accommodate developers who own and favor Keil development tools, the project can now be exported to Keil µVision® after the hardware is configured with PSoC Creator 2.0. Keil µVision is the leading IDE in the Arm-Cortex world.

Using Keil µVision and Cypress PSoC 5

The PSoC Creator Quick start Guide shows how the integration between the two tools works.






embOS from SEGGER can support unlimited tasks, unlimited mailboxes and unlimited software timers. The trial version of embOS ready for download will work with PSoC 5 and enables you to try out and debug your embedded system.

Free RTOS imageFreeRTOS™ is a portable, open source, royalty free, mini real-time kernel (a free-to-download and free-to-deploy RTOS that can be used in commercial applications without any requirement to expose your proprietary source code). FreeRTOS is scalable and designed specifically for small embedded systems. For more information, visit the FreeRTOS website: and check out all the information about the example with PSoC 5.

Micriµm supports PSoC 5 with µC/OS III™. This RTOS is well known for its excellent documentation and high reliability as well as small footprint.


USB Superspeed Logo emFile is a high performance file system that has been optimized for minimum memory consumption in RAM and ROM, high speed and versatility. It is MS DOS/MS Windows-compatible FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 compatible.

emWin for graphics solutions. The component datasheet describes in detail which steps need to be taken when working with emWin. This graphics package from SEGGER is available to PSoC users free of charge.

Programming Solutions

Starting with programming solutions for the lab such as ICE-Cube or miniprog 3, you can find all programming solutions for PSoC on the “General PSoC Programming” site. The following vendors offer support for production programming of PSoC 5


RPM Systems


REDPINE SIGNALS offers a Wi-Fi add-on solution. This board can be connected to the expansion board of a CY8CKIT-050 or CY8CKIT-001
Amulet Technologies provides a fully integrated 4.3” touch solution.