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Mac OS X Mass Storage Driver v1-4-1 | 赛普拉斯半导体

Mac OS X Mass Storage Driver v1-4-1

2008 年 11 月 13 日

Mac OS X Mass Storage Class Drivers, v1.4.1

Release date: 2003 年 9 月 24 日

This driver supports the EZ and ISD families of parts (EZ-USB FX2, EZ-USB FX2LP, EZ-USB AT2+, EZ-USB AT2LP, ISD300LP)-when used in a mass storage class compatible application. It is a supplement to the following reference design kits:

  • CY4611 and CY4611B 
  • CY4615, CY4615A, and CY4615B
  • CY4617

注意:These drivers are for development use. End users looking for the latest drivers for a specific product should contact the drive manufacturer.


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