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The Joy of Precision Analog: True System-on-Chip Performance | 赛普拉斯半导体

The Joy of Precision Analog: True System-on-Chip Performance

2009 年 11 月 06 日

As systems increase in complexity, engineers have a need to incorporate more components, both analog and digital, into a single device while maintaining the integrity of the design. New mixed-signal microcontrollers are emerging which integrate more precision analog components than previous generations. Utilizing these next generation mixed-signal microcontrollers allow for designs which reduce BOM costs, save board space, protect IP, and provide more flexibility for change throughout the design process. Now mixed-signal microcontrollers have ADCs with a precision upwards of 20-bits, amplifiers with lower offset voltages, and 0.1% voltage references.

Previous generations of mixed-signal microcontrollers allowed for an increased level of integration in a design, but often those featured analog components did not have enough precision for many designs. Low-end analog designs benefited from the integration, but mid- and high-end designs still required external analog components. Newer generations of mixed-signal microcontrollers have improved their analog components, and therefore are allowing mid- and some high-end designs to take advantage of the benefits of a device incorporating both digital and analog signals. To read more, click the download link below, or visit