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SmartSense2X | 赛普拉斯半导体


2018 年 1 月 29 日

Supported Devices: CY8C22X45, CY8C21X45

General Description:

The SmartSense2X user module provides dual channel, auto-tuned Capacitive sensing that you can easily add to your PSoC solution. With SmartSense Cypress has incorporated a sophisticated algorithm which automatically optimizes CapSense performance in a wide range of applications such as Multi-media buttons, Printers, Bluetooth Headsets, etc. Many generic microcontroller solutions available in the market today require customers to identify and optimize many parameters making the tuning a time-consuming process. SmartSense makes Cypress CapSense the easiest solution to use, reducing time to market significantly.

Similar to all Cypress CapSense solutions, SmartSense auto-tuning offers superior immunity to conducted and radiated noise interference, with the additional benefit of auto-tuning. Auto-tuning gives run-time compensation for IC and PCB characteristics, and environmental changes to ensure reliable sensor operation. For example, prototype and production PCBs frequently exhibit different material properties that affect sensor parasitic capacitance. This effect can be significant enough to require retuning of the CapSense system parameters. Auto-tuning automatically compensates for such changes, with no need for retuning. Furthermore, the auto-tuning algorithms in SmartSense continuously monitor sensor data to compensate for environmental conditions, such as temperature and ambient noise level, to maintain proper sensor function.


  • Dual-channel SmartSense™ for faster scanning
  • FMEA support (failure mode effects and analysis)
  • Supports buttons, sliders, and proximity sensors
  • Background scanning, freeing up the CPU to attend to other tasks
  • Manual and auto threshold setting for finger detection
  • Configurable sensitivity for each sensor
  • Autoreset and button debounce
  • Enables guided sensor and pin assignments using the SmartSense2X wizard

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