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用户模块数据表:I2C Hardware Block Datasheet I2CHW V 2.00 | Cypress Semiconductor

用户模块数据表:I2C Hardware Block Datasheet I2CHW V 2.00

2016 年 9 月 02 日


  • Industry standard Philips I2C bus compatible interface
  • Master and Slave operation, Multi Master capable
  • Only two pins (SDA and SCL) required to interface to I2C bus
  • Standard data rate of 100/400 kbps, also supports 50 kbps
  • 高级 API 只需少量用户编程
  • 7 位寻址模式

The I2C Hardware User Module implements an I2C device in firmware. The I2C bus is an industry standard, two-wire hardware interface developed by Philips®. 主控会在 I2C 总线上启动所有通信,并为所有从器件提供时钟。The I2CHW User Module supports the standard mode with speeds up to 400 kbps. 此模块不需使用任何数字或模拟用户模块。The I2CHW User Module is compatible with other slave devices on the same bus.