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产品变更通知 | 赛普拉斯半导体


产品变更通知 (PCN)

Welcome to the Product Change Notice (PCN) home page. This page provides access to PCN documents, and features a search utility to find PCN documentation by part number, keyword or PCN number.


Cypress notifies customers of changes that affect the form, fit or function of a product. Cypress requests that customers acknowledge receipt of PCNs, and submit any sample or additional information requests within 30 days of the notification. Lack of acknowledgement will constitute acceptance of the change. 

Cypress product change and discontinuance policies may be viewed in the PCN handbook. Click here to view Cypress PCN Handbook.


Cypress Product Change and Product Discontinuance policies are in compliance with JESD-46 and JESD-48 respectively. 


  • The first 2 characters of the PCN number represent the year of issue (e.g., PCN 08663 was issued in 2008).
  • Issue date: Date on which the change was announced.
  • Effective date: Date on which the change will be implemented.