CY8C20x37 | 赛普拉斯半导体


PSoC 系列包含许多带片上控制器的器件,这些器件旨在使用一个低成本的单芯片可编程元件取代多个基于 MCU 的传统系统元件。PSoC 器件包含多个可配置的模拟和数字逻辑模块,以及可编程互连。这种结构可帮助您根据每个应用的要求来创建定制的外设配置。此外,在一系列方便易用的引脚布局和封装中还包含快速 CPU、闪存程序存储器、SRAM 数据存储器和可配置的 I/O。

The architecture for CY8C20xx7/S device family consists of three main areas, the core, CapSense analog system, and System resources.  A common, versatile bus allows connection between I/O and the analog system. Each CY8C20x37/47/67/S PSoC device includes a dedicated CapSense block that provides sensing and scanning control circuitry for capacitive sensing applications. Depending on the PSoC package, up to 34 GPIOs are also included.


CY8C20xx7s block diagram



  • Up to 31 CapSense I/Os and 6 sliders
  • Core Voltage: 1.8V - 5.5V
  • Multiple Power Saving Modes
    • Standby Current: 1.1 µA
    • Deep Sleep Mode: 100 nA
  • QuietZone™ technology delivers inherent noise immunity to radiated and conducted noise
  • CSD PLUS™ - Cypress` proven sensing algorithm ensures industry’s best SNR
  • 近程传感
  • Industry’s best Liquid Tolerant Sensing
  • Wide range of interface support: I2C,SPI
  • Wide variety of flash sizes: 8K, 16K, 32K 
  • Wide range of packages: 30-ball WLCSP, 16SOIC, 16QFN (3x3mm) to 48QFN (6x6mm)
  1. Download the Getting started with CapSense" Design Guide
  2. Install PSoc Designer to begin development
  3. Purchase one of the CapSense development kits to evaluate your design