CY91520 | 赛普拉斯半导体


Based on Cypress' proprietary high performance FR81S core, these new automotive MCUs offer high computing performance combined with a rich peripheral feature set. More scalability in terms of packages and memory gives higher flexibility to designers and helps them realize their automotive systems in a fast and cost efficient way. All members of the CY91520 series are based on Cypress' Flash Memory technology offering program storage as well as a separate Work Flash as E2PROM emulation memory.

Sample block diagram from largest configuration device

High Performance

A proprietary 32-bit RISC CPU core features an operating speed up to 128 MHz, with 160 DMIPS performance. This high-level RISC core, which is based on a Harvard architecture with separated instruction and data bus, is optimized for applications that require high-speed control. An optimized instruction set assures low-code-size densities and high execution speeds.

The latest generation in the FR81 features an improved CPU core with an enhanced instruction pipeline for reduced branch penalty. The newest members of the family (the CY91520, CY91570, CY91580 and CY91590 MCU-series) also include a single, precision Floating Point Unit (FPU), providing the extra computing power that complex control algorithms require.

CY91520 Roadmap

Highly Reliable Flash Memory

Memory densities range from 384KB to 2MB Flash. The highly reliable, high-speed Flash memory has an endurance of 100,000 write/erase cycles with up to 20 years of data retention.

Communications Interfaces

The devices include Controller Area Network (CAN), FlexRay and Local Interconnect Network (LIN) interfaces. These interfaces, combined with the large, on-chip memory capacity, enable efficient data collection, processing and distribution. Many devices offer an external bus interface that can e.g. be connected to Cypress' standalone FlexRay controller or to the latest generation of graphics controllers to build full-featured dashboards, driver-information and advanced driver-assistance systems.


Cypress and its external partners offer a full set of development tools such as starter kits, hardware and software debuggers, and third-party-supported automotive operating systems like AUTOSAR and OSEK.


These support tools of CY parts will be stopped shipment and order in a few years.
These tools will be changed to CY parts in the future. But there may be no plan because of old tool.

姓名 部件编号 Description Remarks
Main unit MB2100-01A-E / Details Single wire On-chip Debugger Main unit
Order P/N: MB2100-01A-E-SPN
(Main board)
MB2198-760-E Main board for MB91520/MB91570/MB96600
Order P/N: MB2198-760-E-SPN
Evaluation board (Sub board) MB2198-769-011-E Sub evaluation board with socket for MB91520B
MB2198-769-021-E Sub evaluation board with socket for MB91520D
MB2198-769-031-E Sub evaluation board with socket for MB91520F
MB2198-769-041-E Sub evaluation board with socket for MB91520J
MB2198-769-051-E Sub evaluation board with socket(0.5mm pitch) for MB91520K
MB2198-769-061-E Sub evaluation board with socket(0.4mm pitch) for MB91520K
MB2198-769-071-E Sub evaluation board with socket for MB91520L
MB2198-769-063-E MB91F528RWC is mounted
(LQFP-144, 0.5mm pitch)
MB2198-769-073-E MB91F528UWC is mounted
MB2198-769-083-E MB91F528MWC is mounted


软件 部件编号
SOFTUNE V6 Professional Pack

CPU Information file: Supported
Sample I/O register file: Supported


Oscillator manufacturer Frequency 产品 C1 [pF] C2 [pF] Rd [ohm]
KYOCERA Co. 4MHz CX1255CA 12 12 2.2k
KYOCERA Co. 8MHz CX1255CA 12 12 560
KYOCERA Co. 8MHz CX8045GA 12 12 560
KYOCERA Co. 8MHz CX8045JA 12 12 560
KYOCERA Co. 16MHz CX1255CA 12 12 0
KYOCERA Co. 16MHz CX5032GA 12 12 0
KYOCERA Co. 16MHz CX8045GA 12 12 0
KYOCERA Co. 16MHz CX8045JA 12 12 0
Murata Manufacturing Co. 4MHz CSTCR4M00G15C**-R0 39 39 1k
Murata Manufacturing Co. 4MHz CSTCR4M00G55B-R0 39 39 1k
Murata Manufacturing Co. 8MHz CSTCE8M00G15C**-R0 33 33 100
Murata Manufacturing Co. 8MHz CSTCE8M00G55A-R0 33 33 100
Murata Manufacturing Co. 16MHz CSTCE16M0V13C**-R0 15 15 0
Murata Manufacturing Co. 16MHz CSTCE16M0V53C-R0 15 15 0

注意:The recommendation circuit constant of oscillation evaluation result is reference value by oscillator maker measurement environment.
It is not guaranteed value. Get consult with oscillator supplier for physical layout and circuit parameters for each design.

The Sample Programs ("Programs") are offered for use in developing systems for Cypress microcontrollers.

The Programs will be useful in the following situations:

  • I need a simple sample program, as I am going to develop software. The sequence of resource access, among others, can be confirmed using these Programs.
  • I would like to examine, before development, whether each resource will operate as expected. The Programs support several specifications, even for the operation of one resource.
  • If resources do not operate properly on my system, I would like software for which confirmation of operation has been completed. Cypress has confirmed the actual operation of the Programs on each of its microcontrollers, so you will be able to compare your program with the Program.

We introduce the sample programs of FR81S Family. Please use it for the confirmation of the operation specification and the use of our microcontroller etc.

CY91520B CY91520D CY91520F
CY91520J CY91520K CY91520L
CY91520M CY91520R CY91520U