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enCoRe™ V | 赛普拉斯半导体

enCoRe™ V

The enCoRe V (CY7C6434x, CY7C6435x) is a full speed USB controller that supports a rich instruction set. It integrates SRAM for data storage, an interrupt controller, sleep and watchdog timers, and IMO and ILO, leading to a reduced overall system cost.
Similar to Cypress’s enCoRe III family, enCoRe V also incorporates the powerful Harvard Architecture Processor (M8C) along with integrated and configurable analog, digital, and interconnect circuitry. This enables enCoRe V to be customized for different peripheral configurations specific to the target application. Continuing the tradition of enCoRe family devices, enCoRe V eliminates the need for an external crystal, various passives, and voltage regulator. 

enCore V Block Diagram


  • Integration: Single chip integrated with 24 MHz oscillator, 32 kB flash, 2 kB SRAM, and voltage regulator
  • Connectivity: I2C slave selectable between 50 kHz, 100 kHz, or 400 kHz, SPI master and slave configuration between 46.9 kHz and 12 MHz
  • Low Power: 0.1 uA current in deep sleep mode
  • 封装:Available in different Pb free pin/packages (16 QFN, 32 QFN, 48 QFN)


  • Wireless Mouse
  • Mid Tier Wireless Keyboard
  • USB Dongle
  • USB Keyboard
  1. Download the Application Notes
  2. Download the Datasheets
  3. Buy the enCoRe V Development Kit