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EZ-USB FX3™ SuperSpeed USB 3.0 peripheral controller | Cypress Semiconductor

EZ-USB FX3™ SuperSpeed USB 3.0 外设控制器

New Update: Use the new EZ-USB FX3 Collateral Guide as a system-level guide before starting your USB 3.0 design.


赛普拉斯 EZ-USB® FX3™ 是业内唯一可让开发者将 USB 3.0 器件功能添加到任何系统的 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 外设控制器。

EZ-USB FX3 具有完全可配置、通用可编程接口 (GPIF™ II),可与任何处理器、ASIC、图像传感器或 FPGA 接口。GPIF™ II 是 FX2LP 中最初的 GPIF™ 的增强版,赛普拉斯的旗舰 USB 2.0 产品。可轻松无缝链接至多种常用工业接口,如同步从器件 FIFO、异步 SRAM、异步和同步地址数据复用接口、闪存等。此外,用户还可使用赛普拉斯 GPIF™ II 设计工具定义自己的外设接口。

The new FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer Kit is an easy-to-use and inexpensive development platform enabling developers to add USB 3.0 device functionality to any system. Accelerate your design with the new SuperSpeed Device Design by Example book by John Hyde.

USB 3.0 提供 5 Gbps 链路,可支持非压缩 HD 视频传送,并可用于诸如 DSC、DVC、网络摄像头、安全监控摄像头、机器视觉、医疗成像以及监视设备等应用。EZ-USB FX3 可与任何 HD 图像传感器无缝连接,通过 USB 3.0 端口传输非压缩视频流。

随着诸如打印机和扫描仪等越来越多的应用领域需要,为了更快处理更高分辨率的图像,增加带宽成为了最急迫的要求。EZ-USB FX3 所提供的解决方案不但快速,而且更加灵活,可满足下列需求。

Accelerate your USB 3.0 design with the SuperSpeed code examples.


EZ-USB FX3 Block Diagram
  1. Read the Getting Started with FX3 Application note and review the FX3 Collateral Guide for a system-level overview of a design using FX3
  2. Watch the Introduction to EZ-USB® FX3™ Architecture Video
  3. Purchase the new SuperSpeed Explorer Kit (CYUSB3KIT-003) or the FX3 Development Kit (CYUSB3KIT-001)
  4. Download and install the relevant setup file which includes:
  5. Start your first FX3 design
  6. Training Video: EZ-USB FX3 Introduction
  7. Get your Schematics reviewed by the Cypress Applications Engineering Team using the Online Tech Support Case System

EZ-USB® FX3™ SuperSpeed Explorer Kit (CYUSB3KIT-003)

The Cypress EZ-USB® FX3™ SuperSpeed Explorer Kit is a brand new low-cost platform to quickly enable customers to evaluate the FX3 device. Use this kit with the new book by John Hyde - SuperSpeed Device Design by Example to develop your SuperSpeed products.

Price: $49.00

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EZ-USB® FX3™ HD 720p Camera Kit

The EZ-USB® FX3™ HD 720p Camera Kit enables customers to interface the MT9M114 Aptina 720p image sensor with the CYUSB3KIT-001 kit. Cypress's software utilities and example firmware are built to rapidly develop HD camera interface solutions with FX3.


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•  集成:完全 USB 3.0 外设控制器,内置 PHY
•  高性能:ARM9 配备 512 kB RAM,用于数据处理
•  连接性:I2S、SPI 和 UART 外设
•  灵活性:专有 32 位 100 MHz GPIF™ II
•  低功率:低 1.2 V 内核,独立电域
•  多任务:32 可配置端点
•  灵活的时钟:可选 XTAL 输入,频率为 19.2、26、38.4 和 52 MHz
•  小封装:121 ball (10x10mm) BGA