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HX2VL | 赛普拉斯半导体


HX2VL is Cypress's latest Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Hub controller available in 2-port and 4-port versions. HX2VL is available in a small footprint 28-pin QFN package and is available in both single-TT and multi-TT options.


          EZ-USB HX2VL Block Diagram          


  • Low Power: 82mA power with 4 active downstream ports
  • Performance: Multiple-TT and Single-TT options
  • System Integration: 5V and 3.3V regulators, PLL, termination resistors
  • Configurability: I2C/SPI EEPROM, GPIO options
  • Flexibility: Selectable XTAL/CLK inputs, power switch polarity, EEPROM interface
  • Small Footprint: 5x5mm 28-QFN and 7x7mm 48-TQFP packages


  • 独立集线器
  • Motherboard Hubs
  • Monitor Hubs
  • Advanced Port Replicators
  • 扩展坞
  • 键盘集线器
  • Multi-function Printers
  • Digital Televisions
  • Gaming Consoles
  1. Download CY7C65642 datasheet for the Multi-TT option and CY7C6563x datasheet for Single-TT option
  2. Buy the CY4608M, CY4608, CY4607M or CY4607 kit based on your application
  3. Download and install the Blaster HX2VL Configuration Utility
  4. Refer the Reduced BOM Schematic for CY7C65642 family of HX2VL
  5. Download the System Design Guidelines Application Note
  6. Get your Schematics reviewed by the CypressApplications Engineering Team using the OnlineTech Support Case System