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电源管理 | 赛普拉斯半导体


Cypress’ power management IC (PMIC) portfolio covers a wide range of embedded applications for IoT, automotive, industrial and consumer products. Our innovative power management technology solutions enhance the performance and reliability of electronic systems.


Compact, High Performance and Easy-to-Design solutions best suited for your application 



Cypress power management ICs consume very little low and are highly integrated. These features enable you to design a compact solution. What’s more, the low power consumption allows you to use smaller energy harvesting devices for battery-free IoT applications such as wireless sensor nodes (WSNs). Additionally, the integration of multiple power management regulators, serial communication interfaces and various features for System Safety Functions also minimizes board space.



Cypress power management ICs extend battery life because they are highly efficient, and have low quiescent current. They are also reliable and robust, helping to protect automotive electronic control units against extreme battery fluctuations that can adversely affect electrical systems.



Cypress power management ICs simplify system designs by reducing external discrete components. Cypress provides easy-to-use evaluation kits to accelerate system design.

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Tiny, Low Power Solutions Cypress’s Energy Harvesting PMIC portfolio offers breakthrough low quiescent and start up current requirements that enable compact energy harvesting systems.
Cypress’s Automotive PMIC portfolio provides stable and reliable power for ECUs, and offers enhanced functionality for Instrument Cluster, ADAS and Body Control systems.