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Legacy Wireless Products | 赛普拉斯半导体

Legacy Wireless Products

This product is Not Recommended For New Designs. Visit our Wireless Connectivity home page to check out our new wireless products.



赛普拉斯的 WirelessUSB 解决方案旨在用于短距离、多点对点连接。Cypress's patented WirelessUSB technology offers an unparalleled feature set to enable superior RF performance, interference immunity, and maximum battery life to consumer products like PC peripherals, remote control, toys, and etc.

Cypress's new, fourth-generation WirelessUSB NX transceiver offers ultra-low power consumption and up to 2-Mbps data rate. It can be combined with Cypress's enCoRe™ and PSoC® families to provide a complete system solution for wireless applications which need advanced features like touch sensing.


赛普拉斯 CyFi 低功率射频解决方案提供了可靠性高且易于使用的 2.4 GHz 解决方案,以应对各种无线嵌入式控制挑战。该解决方案使设计人员能够在构建无线系统时无需为克服诸如性能不可靠、实现复杂和高功耗之类的典型风险而作出妥协。它可支持星形网络中的多达 250 个无线节点,且适用于嵌入式控制应用,例如家庭自动化、照明解决方案等。


赛普拉斯可提供一系列非常适合无线应用的低功耗、8 位微控制器。这些器件采用了业界最小、带闪存和各种内部外设功能的 8 位 RISC 内核,且功耗极低。

The CyFi Low-Power RF solution is a highly reliable, easy-to-use 2.4-GHz answer to a wide range of wireless embedded control challenges. 该解决方案使设计人员能够在构建无线系统时无需为克服诸如性能不可靠、实现复杂和高功耗之类的典型风险而作出妥协。...
Leveraging the long-time leadership in wired USB and 2.4 GHz wireless HID (Human Interface Device) solutions, Cypress offers a broad portfolio of low power, 8-bit microcontrollers that are ideal for...
Cypress's WirelessUSB™ solutions are designed for short-range, multipoint-to-point connectivity. WirelessUSB enables PC Human Interface Device (HID) peripherals, such as wireless mice, keyboards,...