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Touch Sensing (CapSense) | Cypress Semiconductor

触摸感应 (CapSense)

MagSense™ Controllers

MagSense is Cypress' new inductive sensing technology, targeted for consumer IoT and industrial products which require sleek, user interfaces (UI) that "just work". Cypress’ MagSense technology provides a robust inductive sensing solution that works in harsh environments with AutoTuning™ and simplifies inductive sensing designs with a production-ready, easy-to-use PSoC Creator Component that Just Works™.

CapSense® 控制器

Cypress has been the market leader in Capacitive Sensing solutions for many years, made possible by Cypress’s CapSense® Technology.  Throughout these years, over 5 billion mechanical buttons have been replaced to make applications more robust, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  The CapSense® Technology exists within Cypress’s Programmable System on Chip (PSoC®) architecture, which allows for flexibility and programmability to make changes to a system on the fly, and for fast time to market.  Cypress’s CapSense® portfolio offers ultra-low power devices that are enabled by Cypress SmartSense™, an advanced Capacitive Sensing auto-tuning algorithm that “just works” by adapting to environmental changes.  In addition, the CapSense® portfolio offers the Industry’s best liquid tolerance and proximity sensing solutions.

TrueTouch® 指纹识别器

Cypress offers OEMs a custom-size reader that can be flexibly integrated into any mobile device's industrial design or home button. The solution comes with a complete software stack, including FIDO components, that enables quick integration into any Android® mobile device. Extensive testing and usability tools are available to rapidly fine tune an OEM's custom sensor, decreasing time-to-market. The TrueTouch Fingerprint Reader's superior fingerprint imaging and pattern-matching performance offers everything needed to efficiently design and integrate user authentication into mobile devices.

TrueTouch® 触摸屏控制器

电容式触摸感应解决方案的领导者赛普拉斯正在使触摸屏市场彻底变革。赛普拉斯的 TrueTouch™ 触摸屏解决方案利用 PSoC® 的可编程片上系统技术,提供无与伦比的灵活性和最广泛的产品系列。投射电容式 TrueTouch 解决方案使设计人员可以在不同的使用模式、触摸屏供应商和 LCD 厂商之间进行选择。这些解决方案还使设计人员能够在最后一刻进行更改——这是任何其他触摸屏产品所不能提供的。

PSoC 4700
MagSense, Cypress' brand-new inductive sensing technology, extends Cypress' sensing portfolio for consumer IoT and industrial products that require robust and sleek user interfaces. This technology...
CapSense 产品促销
赛普拉斯是电容式感应技术的全球领导厂商。我们广泛的解决方案具有强大的抗噪能力,可帮助您将产品快速上市并提供了系统可扩展性,在过去几年中已经成功替代了超过 0 亿个机械按钮。...
TrueTouch introduces TMA448 and TMA445A, the latest additions to the Gen4X family of touchscreen controllers. TMA448 extends the Gen4X platform to cost-conscious smartphones, e-readers, and tablets,...
Automotive TrueTouch touchscreen controllers leverage the industry's broadest capacitive touch IP portfolio to deliver a new standard for performance to automotive touchscreens.