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Traveo™ S6J32xEy 2D Graphics Control with LVDS Video Output + Dual HyperBus Arm® Cortex®-R5 MCU | 赛普拉斯半导体

Traveo™ S6J32xEy 2D Graphics Control with LVDS Video Output + Dual HyperBus Arm® Cortex®-R5 MCU

The TraveoTM MCU family S6J3200 features 32-bit RISC microcontrollers with an Arm® Cortex®-R5 core and operates up to 240MHz. This microcontroller comes with a highly-efficient 2D graphic engine with advanced feature-sets for memory savings, safety, and high image quality to help manufacturers take advantage of the low system costs, while being able to meet performance and quality demands of industrial, consumer and automotive applications.

The new Traveo subseries is identified by part numbers starting with S6J32xEy enlarging the existing line up of S6J31xx, S6J32xA, S6J32xC, S6J331x, S6J332x, S6J333x, S6J334x and S6J335x. S6J32xEy features 4 MB Flash, 512KB of RAM and an LVDS video output. In addition, this microcontroller supports two HyperBusTM memory interfaces, a feature that dramatically improves read performance, while reducing the number of pins. This microcontroller comes with Ethernet AVB, CAN-FD, high-speed communication protocol compatible with the conventional CAN, and SHE (Secure Hardware Extension) as a security function. S6J32xEy is offered in TEQFP-208 and TEQFP-216 packages.

Traveo S6J32xEy Block Diagram

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32-Bit MCU Core System

  • 240-MHz ARM® Cortex® -R5F with FPU and MPU
  • 4MB Code Flash, 128KB Data Flash 
  • 512KB RAM
  • 24KB backup RAM
  • 2MB Video RAM


  • 4-ch CAN FD
  • 2-ch DDR HSSPI
  • 2-ch HyperBusTM
  • MLB
  • 12-ch multifunctional serial
  • Ethernet AVB

Cluster Features

  • 2.5D graphics engine
  • Vector Drawing Engine
  • Warping to support head up displays
  • 2-ch video-out (including 1-ch LVDS) to support cluster and head up display
  • TCON for RSDS output
  • 1-ch video-in
  • Signature unit to support safety functions
  • 6 Stepper Motor Controllers
  • 实时时钟
  • Variety of other timers
  • 12bit ADC
  • Sound Module containing:
    • Waveform Generator
    • Mixer
    • Audio-DAC
    •  PCM/PWM
    • 12S Interfaces
    • SHE to support security functionality


  • 208-pin TEQFP
  • 216-pin TEQFP​