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Traveo S6J3360/S6J3370 Simple Graphics Arm® Cortex®-R5 MCU | 赛普拉斯半导体

Traveo S6J3360/S6J3370 Simple Graphics Arm® Cortex®-R5 MCU

Traveo™ MCU family S6J3360/S6J3370 features 32-bit RISC microcontrollers with an Arm® Cortex®- R5F core and operates up to 132 MHz. These microcontrollers come with optimized performance, maximum 2MB of high density embedded Flash memory and simple graphic support through LCD Bus.

This series enhances Traveo MCU family with cost optimized feature expanding from the top level MCU S6J331x series in the classic class cluster to the affordable solution in the cost sensitive high volume design. In addition, these microcontrollers offer support for Quad-SPI memory interface for the cost and feature balanced system design.

These microcontrollers include CAN FD; a high-speed communication protocol compatible with the conventional CAN (Controller Area Network), and SHE (Secure Hardware Extension) as security function. S6J3360/S6J3370 series expands the automotive applications scalability into solid Traveo family line-up with best combination of the features for volume production class design.

The Traveo family supports the latest in-car networks and offers high performance graphics engines optimized for a minimum memory footprint and embeds dedicated features to increase data security in the car.


  • Single-Chip Solution for classical automotive cluster applications with gauges and low-end hybrid cluster applications
  • Arm Cortex R5F@132 MHz, offering about 220 MIPS
  • Integrates instrument cluster support peripherals - Stepper Motor Controller/Driver with Zero Position Detect, LCD Bus, Segment LCDC
  • CAN FD (CAN with FLEXIBLE DATA RATE) is a cost effective alternative to FlexRay and designed to close the gap between CAN and FlexRay. CAN FD supports data-fields up to 64 Bytes and a data rate up to 5 Mbps allowing for a faster communication rate
  • Sound system to allow various modes of sound generation and outputs (Selected products)

Traveo S6J360/S6J370 Series Block Diagram