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Report Security Vulnerabilities | 赛普拉斯半导体

Report Security Vulnerabilities

Cypress takes security very seriously. If you have identified a security vulnerability in any Cypress product or system, please contact us immediately at We would like to hear from you and acknowledge your contribution to improving our products!

Security and vulnerability information is extremely sensitive. We request that you encrypt your email using the PSIRT PGP/GPG key below.


  • Fingerprint: 4283 B83A F283 571B 9487 C5F7 D319 9A8C 3AB4 636C
  • PGP/GPG key: Key

You can download PGP/GPG software to encrypt your email from GnuPG (free).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What constitutes a security vulnerability? What information should I provide?

A. To report a security vulnerability in our products or systems, send email to Please specify how you encountered the problem, what products were used, dates they were purchased, and any other relevant details. This is not a technical support forum. For technical support, please visit the Cypress Developer Community.

Q. What kind of response can I expect from Cypress?

A. You should receive a reply right away acknowledging receipt of your email. The Cypress response team will then follow up with you within 24-72 hours.

We Appreciate your Support

Security threats are constantly changing and evolving, and Cypress is committed to continuously improving our security strategy. Thank you for helping us create secure solutions for the hyper-connected world. We appreciate your support and are invested in building secure solutions for our customers and partners.